I was a Special Constable for 7 years: a work-life balance interview with Sunita Gaddu

"There must be millions of people in the UK that are vulnerable and deserve a round of applause for adjusting to lockdown. It’s not easy for them. "

What has surprised you most about lockdown?

My mum’s adjustment to lockdown. She is vulnerable and suffers from Bi-polar disorder. Her daily routine is everything to her and a simple change can affect her mood, health and behaviour. She used to be out on the buses everyday as part of her daily routine with her carer. She adjusted to staying at home very well.

There must be millions of people in the UK that are vulnerable and deserve a round of applause for adjusting to lockdown. It’s not easy for them. 

What, from this time, would like to keep in the new normal?

All of it!

What have you learned about yourself in this time?

I have learned to invest more time in me and to do things like meditation and cook different foods for the family to enjoy. I have also learned not to be afraid of technologies like Zoom and WebEx!    

How did you get into insurance?

Well, when I left school I wanted to be a Police Officer and even became a Special Constable for 7 years. I'm no longer a Special Constable as I left a long time ago but look back on my time there fondly. I ended up in the Motor Industry (that’s another story) and took some time out when my 3rd child was born. RSA saw my CV on a recruitment website and contacted me and here I am ……it must have been kismet (fate)!

What did you not expect about working in the insurance industry?

Insurance isn’t just reactive! It’s proactive too! Like informing home owners the early signs of a water leak, telling pet owners how many steps their dog has done in a day and helping young drivers like my son create good driving habits. This feels like we have our customers back and best intentions a heart...   

What is your main priority at the moment?

I am launching 2 Partners - Cumberland Building Society & Yorkshire Building Society. I am helping them get ready to offer a new Home Insurance Proposition to their members.

What are your three top tips for maintaining a healthy work life balance?

  • Accept that there is no ‘perfect’ work life balance! – instead strive for the realistic work life balance
  • Be kind to yourself and prioritize your health – My mum always says that ‘Health is Wealth’ and ‘don’t break your back trying to be all things to everyone’
  • Do a job you love - to get the work life balance

What change would you like to see in the insurance industry/ RSA in the next 3 years

I would like to see continued growth in gender equality and more colleagues from the BAME community. It’s important that the insurance industry represents the customers it serves.  

How is insurance making the world a better place?

Without going all philosophical, I feel that insurance supports humanity. When things go wrong for our customers like the family pet is sick, or the family home is left inhabitable due to a fire, insurance puts its arm around the customer and reassures them that we will do everything we can to help them. Insurance is that warm hug, promise, hope and guidance we all look for when things go wrong.  

What is your happiest memory at RSA?

There are too many to mention! I work with some great colleagues that I call my work family; We laugh, have fun and get things done to deliver for our customers. I am at my happiest when I can just be myself at work. 

I’m at my happiest when…

I’m having dinner at home with my hubby and kids, we are talking, laughing, arguing and enjoying good food together.

Do you think Love Island is TV gold or TV Fail and why?

TV Gold. I watch Love Island with my 17 year old daughter and we have some good sensible grown-up conversations about some of the content. I do however change the channel when a ‘rude’ bit comes on!

What’s your Karaoke song?

'I’m a survivor' by Destiny’s Child. I can even do some of the dance moves! (my kids disagree)   

Career highlight to date is?

I love the fact that RSA trust me to represent them at new tender presentations. It is also a highlight for me to have a career and be a wife and a mum to 3 teenagers. I’m doing it all!

What would you say to someone considering a career in insurance?

Don’t believe what they say! Insurance isn’t boring; It’s Interesting! We work with the latest technology to help make a difference to our customer’s lives. There are realistic career development opportunities. Did you know we insured the London’s Nightingale Hospital? Wow! You will get many wow moments in insurance. If you want to be inspired, join us!

Night owl or Early Bird?

Early bird - but only after 2 cups of tea!

What is your best travel memory?

Sitting on a beach with my family in Bali and watching the sunset.