Celebrating World Environment Day

At RSA, our ambition is to be ranked amongst the world’s most environmentally sustainable insurers. This isn’t just about doing the right thing, focusing on reducing our environmental impact supports our aim to reduce costs and find new ways of working.

As part of our Corporate Responsibility strategy, ‘Making things better, together’, we have set ourselves a big goal; to reduce the average carbon footprint of RSA employees by 20% by 2018 to 2 tonnes of CO2eq. per person.

So far, we have made great progress in reducing our carbon emissions with a 15% reduction from 2013, with offices rolling out video conferencing, installing presence detectors for lighting, running switch-off campaigns, investing in recycling stations and upgrading lighting to LEDs.

We need all of our RSA colleagues around the world to help us if we’re going to meet our target. That’s why this year, we celebrated World Environment Day on 5th June by highlighting some of the successes we have had and inviting everyone to make some simple changes to the way they work.

Listening to what our people have to say

In Canada, we asked employees across the country “What can we do at RSA Canada to reduce our impact on the environment?” Our employees had lots to say and we received close to 100 ideas from 23 different locations. Some of the ideas included implementing electronic filing, reducing printing, turning off lights and electronic equipment when you leave the office and car-sharing. Other ideas included thinking about the products and services we provide and how we can support our customers to be more ‘green’ through offering discounts on insurance policies for electric or hybrid vehicles.

Going ‘green’ in our restaurants

In the UK, we marked World Environment Day 2015 in our restaurants and cafes by showcasing the environmental credentials of our caterers, offering a sustainably themed menu and giving away environmentally themed sweet treats with a coffee. The message was serious as RSA offices in the UK account for 37% of the Group’s carbon footprint which includes our emissions from energy use, waste disposal, travel and paper consumption. Despite our buildings being efficiently managed, encouraging employees to adopt greener behaviours could save up to 10% of our energy costs (Carbon Trust, 2013).

World Environment Day is a timely reminder of our responsibility to care for our Earth and to become agents of change.