RSA Europe policy holders: Brexit information

Letters and documents for RSA Europe policy holders relating to Brexit available in English, French, German, Dutch and Spanish

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RSA part VII transfer in response to Brexit

As a result of the UK’s prospective withdrawal from the European Union (EU) (commonly known as “Brexit”), Royal & Sun Alliance Insurance plc (RSAI), is taking the necessary steps to establish a new legal entity in Luxembourg, RSA Luxembourg S.A. (RSAL).

RSAI has transferred certain policies of its insurance and reinsurance business from RSAI to RSAL. These changes are required to maintain a viable operating model and to continue to service RSAI’s European business.

The below documents provide important information about the transfer. These documents are available in English, French, German, Spanish and Dutch.

The Application was held before a judge at the Rolls Building, 7 Rolls Buildings, Fetter Lane, London EC4A 1NL on 29 November 2018. The application was approved by the Court, the Scheme became effective immediately after midnight (UK time) on 1 January 2019. This website will be refreshed as new information is available.


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Letters for policyholders

Letters for reinsurers

Letters for intermediaries

Letters for third parties

Letter for lead insurer



Supplementary documents


Français / French

Letter for policyholders / courriers pours les assurés

Letter for reinsurers / courriers pours les réassureurs

Letter for intermediaries / courriers pours les courtiers et agents d'assurance

Letter for third parties / courriers pours les tiers

Documents / documents


Supplementary documents / documents supplémentaires


Deutsch / German

Letter for policyholders / informationsschreiben für versicherungsnehmer

Letter for reinsurers / informationsschreiben für rückversicherer

Letter for intermediaries / informationsschreiben für vermittler

Letter for third parties / informationsschreiben für drittparteien

Documents / unterlagen


Supplementary documents /ergänzende unterlagen


Nederlands / Dutch

Letter for policyholders / brieven voor polishouders

Letter for reinsurers / brieven voor herverzekeraars 

Letter for intermediaries / brieven voor tussenpersonen

Letter for third parties / brieven voor derde partijen

Documents / documenten


Supplementary documents / aanvullende documenten


Español / Spanish

Letter for policyholders / cartas informativas para los asegurados 

Letter for reinsurers / cartas informativas para las compañías de reaseguro

Letter for intermediaries / cartas informativas para los mediadores de seguros

Letter for third parties / cartas informativas para terceros proveedores

Documents / documentos de interés


Supplementary documents / documentos suplementarios

In September 2018, RSA opened its office in Luxembourg which will provide a platform for RSA in Europe post-Brexit, minimising disruption to RSA's business with EU-based customers and ensuring the business continues to serve UK customers' needs in Europe. Find out more here.