Our strategy: confident futures

From our origins safeguarding communities after the Great Fire of London, to modern day road, water and online safety, we have been helping our customers look after things that matter most to them for over 300 years

As a best-in-class insurer, we believe RSA's contribution shouldn't start with a policy and end with a claim. We want to use our strengths and scale to play a more active role in managing the uncertainties and complexities of today's world.

Our Confident Futures strategy sets out how we integrate responsible business practices into our everyday operations and our ambition to create a future in which people can be smarter and more confident in managing the risks they face.

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Our confident futures framework

We think every choice we make as a business matters. Since 2014, our strategy Making things better, together has guided our approach to corporate responsibility.

During 2018, we consulted widely with our colleagues and stakeholders, building on the successes and learnings from the last five years to help us define the future of CR at RSA.

Confident Futures - RSA's corporate responsibility strategy - framework diagram. Copyright 2018

Our Confident Futures framework

Our five-year corporate responsibility strategy sets out the key focus areas for our business to make the most positive impact on society and the environment.

Focus areas

Our Confident Futures strategy focuses on:

  • Managing the everyday well — managing our impacts in a responsible and transparent way to give people confidence that we're running our business in the way they'd expect. Read more...

  • Building stronger relationships — with everyone we work with and striving to understand and respond to the needs of our customers, colleagues and communities. Read more...

  • Shaping a smarter tomorrow — using partnerships and innovation to help people and businesses learn about the risks they face and how to manage them effectively. Read more...

Our corporate responsibility journey

See the highlights of our corporate responsibility journey over the last five years