Our strategy

From our origins safeguarding communities after the Great Fire of London, to modern day road, water and online safety, we have been helping our customers look after things that matter most to them for over 300 years

We believe that making a positive impact requires us to work in partnership with our communities to address a wide range of interests and concerns. That is why our corporate responsibility strategy is called Making Things Better, Together.


Our vision

As society’s risk managers, we know that individual choices can create a more secure present and future for all. So as we protect customers on their journeys, we also encourage and support them to make the roads safer. As we protect homes, families and businesses, we work with them to help their communities to thrive. And as we support people in managing and mitigating uncertainty, we join them in addressing our shared environmental concerns.

Our vision is to be a responsible business working with its customers and stakeholders to help meet society’s challenges: Making Things Better, Together in practical but powerful ways.


Material issues

We launched our five-year corporate responsibility strategy in 2014. Designed in consultation with customers, employees, investors and industry associations, it identified the most relevant environmental, social and ethical issues for a leading insurer such as RSA to tackle.

In 2016 we reviewed our strategy using insight from the latest industry reports, external experts and our senior leaders to ensure it continued to address the issues most material to our stakeholders.

Materiality matrix

Our five-year corporate responsibility strategy identifies the most relevant environmental, social and governance issues RSA


Strategic pillars

Four strategic pillars structure our corporate responsibility strategy around the most important concerns for our stakeholders:

  1. Safe secure world:  keeping people safe in their daily lives – on the road, in the water and in their homes and businesses.
  2. Thriving communities: educating and inspiring future talent, supporting social entrepreneurs and dedicating time to causes that our people are passionate about.
  3. Sustainable future: our commitment to accelerating the transition to a low carbon future.
  4. Responsible business: operating our organisation in a way that makes our stakeholders proud.



Pillar Target Key performance indicators (KPIs)
Safe, secure world Run at least one safety campaign every year in each of our core regions by 2018 KPI 1: Number of safety campaigns run each year in each core region

KPI 2: Number of people reached by each campaign
Thriving communities  Run a community programme in each core region we operate in that engages and develops our people, supports our local communities and makes a difference for our customers KPI 1: Amount of community investment, including: a) charitable spend, b) value of volunteering hours (and number of volunteering hours), c) amount of employee funds raised for charity 

KPI 2: % of volunteering opportunities supporting employability skills or social enterprise
Sustainable future  Reduce our group carbon footprint by 4% per person by 2018 from a 2017 baseline. (This target was set following the successful achievement in 2016 of our 2018 target to reduce our group carbon footprint by 12% per employee.) Tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent presented as both actual (tCO2e) and per employee (tCO2e/FTE)
Sustainable future Deliver at least one awareness/ support campaign per year in each of our core regions to support our customers in adapting to climate change and reducing their greenhouse gas emissions  Number of campaigns run