Responsible supply chain

As a responsible business we consider our impacts beyond our organisation. We monitor and manage the environmental and social impacts of our supply chain, collaborating and sharing best practice with our suppliers and partners.

Why it matters

Managing our supply chain responsibly means thinking about social and environmental issues as an integral part of purchasing decisions and using purchasing power to affect positive change.

This is particularly important as our supply chain creates a far greater social and environmental impact than our direct operations, with a range of potential issues to consider such as resource use, waste disposal and working conditions. By working closely with our partners, we can improve our collective impact.

Our approach

We’re committed to only working with supply chain partners who share our values and who seek to have a positive social and environmental impact.

Our third-party contracts policy sets out the controls we have in place for our procurement processes and the conduct we expect from our partners. This includes stringent checks on the policies and management practices of suppliers on human rights, environment and social issues. This is supported by our supplier code of conduct, which draws on internationally recognised standards and helps ensure we partner with suppliers whose conduct meets our high expectations.

Sustainability considerations are part of all our procurement activities, including supplier selection, contracts and our ongoing dialogue with suppliers to ensure we make procurement choices with clear environmental and social benefits. As part of this we aim to reduce the environmental impact of the products and services we buy; for example, by encouraging repair over replacement and seeking out innovation to further our business success.

Above all, we seek to partner with suppliers who uphold our high standards of conduct, providing safe working conditions, treating workers with dignity and respect, acting fairly and ethically and using environmentally responsible practices.

Confident Futures

Supporting our supply chain partners to adopt high standards