Excellence in customer care

We pride ourselves on our caring approach and are committed to providing excellent service to all. As our customers' needs change and our business and industry evolve, we’re always searching for new ways to make our service better.

Why it matters

We help our customers protect themselves from risks and to recover if things go wrong. To do this effectively, we must support them on every stage of their journey with RSA – in product design, sales, communications and claims handling.

We want to secure good outcomes for every customer, ensuring that no group’s needs are overlooked. This is particularly important if a customer finds themselves in difficult circumstances, so we’re committed to listening carefully to our customers’ requirements and providing services that respond to their specific needs.

Our approach

It’s important that we put customers first, which is why we constantly seek feedback and aim to bring the voice of our customers into decision making, drawing on market research, feedback panels and satisfaction data.

We know that our customers’ needs are not uniform and will continue to evolve, so we aim to be digitally enabled and always search for new ways to improve what we do. It’s vital that we respond to changing demands, and make sure that the products and services we design, the systems we use and the communications we share, are clear and accessible to all.

While the type of customer we serve ranges from individuals to companies, our ambition to provide support and excellent service is the same. We monitor customer satisfaction across our wide range of customer channels and act on feedback to improve our customers’ experience.

We understand that sometimes, people need to contact us through their toughest times. Our business must be prepared to listen well and communicate clearly so that we interpret their needs correctly and respond appropriately. Our pledge to all our customers is that we will make it easy for them to make a claim or a complaint and will commit to getting our response right, first time.