People work best when they bring their whole self to work

At RSA we're working hard to create fully inclusive workplaces that allow people to feel and be at their best

Our colleagues excel when they feel confident that they can bring their whole selves to work.

However, the LGBT in Britain: Work Report, published in April 2018 by Stonewall, reveals that more than one in three (35%) of LGBT people have hidden that they are LGBT from their bosses and colleagues because of discrimination fears. This figure, rises to 42% for black, Asian and ethnic minority LGBT workers, and 51% for trans people.

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We were among the first insurers to sign the Inclusive Behaviours Pledge — an industry-wide initiative to change workplace culture, stamp out discriminatory behaviour, replacing it with inclusive and tolerant practices.

Here are some of the other activities our employees got involved in to show support for their LGBT+ colleagues:

Creating safe forums

  • An employee-led resource group, 'RSA Building Pride' brings together LGBT+ employees and allies by giving them a safe forum to ask questions and find support.

Building allies

  • 'Allies' are heterosexual people who believe that lesbian, gay and bisexual people should experience full equality. During UK Pride month, we launched a campaign to recruit more allies in RSA, publishing a guide on what it means to be a good ally, and how just a few small changes can transform a workplaces for LGBT+ colleagues. Take a look at Stonewall's allies programme for more information.

Supporting the wider community

  • During UK Pride Month, RSA volunteers visited Creative Support, an organisation that helps people with care and support needs get ready to march in the London Pride parade. (If you're interested in promoting more community engagement in your business, our article on staff fundraising has some great tips).

Wear your pride!

  • To keep our customers, employees and premises secure, RSA has a policy that everyone wears their security pass visibly at all times. Never before have we had such enthusiastic adherence than when we started handing out rainbow 'RSA building pride' lanyards! Our first batch of lanyards were snapped up within minutes prompting several reorders.
  • Fantastic as that was, our Dublin office went one better, dressing the office in rainbow colours, prompting a flurry of proud employee tweets and setting the bar high!
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Stronger through diversity

Our business is stronger when it reflects the communities we serve. Furthermore, diversity of thought, background and experience helps us to innovate and create better insurance products and services.

Our commitment to building a diverse and inclusive business extends beyond themed campaigns during Pride months, for example, reviewing our recruitment processes, training and development programmes in line with this commitment.