Two storms. One swift claims response

As the UK experienced two storms in as many weekends, our dedicated Claims teams went above and beyond for our affected customers.

Battered by both Storm Ciara and Storm Dennis, the UK has experienced exceptionally strong winds, heavy rain, flooding and, in some cases, snow. As one of the biggest weather events of the last ten years, teams from across the business have been on the front line, helping the people most affected by the storms.

Through information from EuroTempest, we were able to keep on top of the latest weather warnings, using the timings and locations to identify our risk exposure. As the storm approached, we made sure our surge team and suppliers were prepared by assessing the potential volume of customers affected in each location and finding out what kind of assistance they needed from us.

On the ground support

After identifying key areas at risk with our surge team, we ensured customers in affected areas had the right support. We contacted customers to start the initial triage, arranging alternative accommodation and any restoration and recovery assistance required for those that needed it.

Our Emergency Response Vehicles were key to bringing warmth, comfort and support to customers and the public alike. Customers within a ten-mile radius of the towns our ERVs visited were sent an SMS message to point out where they could go. Our ERV set up camp in Hebden Bridge, an area badly flooded during Storm Ciara, serving around 80 known customers.

RSA Group UK & Ireland CEO Scott Egan joined Home Claims Business Leader Craig Monks in Hebden Bridge to witness first-hand the vital services our ERVs provided. “It was humbling to see how destructive the floods have been to people in Hebden Bridge,” he said. “But I’m proud of all our staff for what they are doing for our customers”.

Pulling out all the stops

Where our broker and suppliers needed the most attention our teams were on hand to make things easier in this difficult time. Since hearing about the effects of the storms in South Wales, Richard Longbottom from our Loss Adjusting team has been based in one of our broker offices’ helping them respond to claims. In other parts of the country, teams like our Customer Relations team have also been brought in to help.

With over 8000 storm claims and 500 flood claims put through over the period, our Claims team have been working overtime to help handle every claim. Claims are tracked twice a day to see where they are and how they’re progressing. By following our repair timeline, the majority of customers who made a claim will be back in their homes within 6 months.

Despite the challenges the storms brought, we were able to ensure our customers had everything they needed from their insurance partner to weather the storm. Click here to find out what happens when a claim is made.