Helping kids swim like their favourite fish

Water safety is so central to our Swedish Trygg-Hansa business that we made our logo a lifebuoy. With kids all over the world anticipating the 2016 release of Disney’s underwater animation, Finding Dory, it seemed a natural opportunity to make waves about our swimming schools partnership. By working with Disney and the Swedish Life Saving Society on the film’s official trailer, we promoted the schools to incredible effect – one million YouTube viewers led to our 400 sponsored schools helping a record 28,500 Swedish children learn to swim in a single year.

Learning to swim is a vital skill, especially in Sweden; Its vast coastline and many islands make swimming in lakes and sea a favourite summertime activity. And yet sadly, in Sweden, nine children a year die from drowning.

Our organisation exists to safeguard people from everyday risks. So, fuelled by our Corporate Responsibility goal to create a Safe, Secure World, our long-standing partnership with the Swedish Life Saving Society makes us determined to ensure fun activities like swimming can be safe for all ages.

We began supporting the Society’s outdoor summer swim schools in 2012 and, while their popularity has grown over the years, last year was easily our most successful joint venture. By collaborating with Disney on the trailer for their summer blockbuster Finding Dory, we reached an enormous audience and are proud to know that the schools helped so many youngsters cast off their armbands in 2016.

This is how our business constantly works hand-in-hand with others to make things better together. We intend for our cooperation with the Swedish Life Saving Society to continue flourishing, as we again sponsor the summer swim schools and promote the importance of water safety. Here’s to making an even bigger splash in 2017.