Trygg-Hansa equips lifebuoys with breathalysers

Lifebuoys equipped with breathalysers are saving lives on Sweden's shorelines

Around 50% of drowning victims in Sweden are found to have alcohol in their blood. To tackle this issue, Trygg-Hansa launched the Don’t Drink and Dive campaign in 2015 to encourage adults to stay out of the water when they’ve been drinking.

In 2017, Trygg-Hansa went a step further by putting preventative measures in place at popular party and swimming locations.

“We realised that it wasn’t enough just to tell people about the dangers of drinking and swimming, we needed to enable them to make informed decisions. So we equipped 12 life buoys with breathalysers, allowing partygoers and swimmers to assess their own risks,” says Hanna Axelsson, head of communications at Trygg-Hansa.

In just a few months, the pilot has shown positive results and will be expanded to further locations in 2018. The 'Alcobuoy' initiative was also recognised by IQ (a subsidiary of Sweden’s state-run off-license, Systembolaget) as an important intervention to reduce alcohol-related drowning and awarded official IQ project status.

Trygg-Hansa has been helping keep people safe in the water for years and is a long-time partner of the Swedish Life Saving Association. From teaching children how to swim, to improving parents’ knowledge about swimming with small children, the brand has a strong association with water safety.