Taking action to reduce our impact on the environment

We believe our performance as a leading international insurer is not only measured by profitability but also by our environmental impact. This is not just about doing the right thing – focusing on sustainability reduces our costs and increases our competitiveness as we find new, more efficient ways of better serving our customers.

Two years ago we launched our Corporate Responsibility strategy, Making Things Better Together, and since then we have been working together to reduce our carbon emissions by 20% per person by 2018. Achieving this target requires all of us to do our bit.

Here in Ireland, we have seen significant change in the last few years and have used the opportunity to review our property footprint. We continuously monitor our energy, waste, water and paper consumption and take action to reduce it. We redesigned our waste stations to improve recycling, set duplex printing as standard and reduced the number of company vehicles by 20%. Recently, we  moved from two offices in Galway into one and will be reducing the number of floors in our Dundrum office.

All across the Group, we see evidence of carbon and cost-saving initiatives.

The Toronto building which houses our Canadian head office recently won a “Low Energy Consumption” award and in the Atlantic region we plan to move two locations into a brand new LEED-certified building in August. Wind turbines generate electricity for our Codan office in Denmark and LED lights have been installed on most floors.

In the UK, we are reviewing our property footprint and updating our plant equipment. For example, in Manchester we significantly reduced energy consumption by replacing our chillers, installing a Building Management System for better air-conditioning control and refurbishing all of our fan-core units. In 2014, our move from three London locations to one new efficient building reduced our emissions by 58% from a 2010 baseline and earned us five awards from the London Mayor’s Business Energy Challenge.

It is really exciting to see our people so involved.

At our Johnson head office in St. John’s, Canada, there is minimal legislation on waste management so a lot ends up going to landfill. Despite this, our Johnson ‘Green Team’ is both working with Facilities to install additional recycling stations and working with their waste contractor to ensure the highest possible recycling rates.

Our UK More Th>n team decided to tackle the vast amounts of paper that we produce when we sell insurance policies – 1,733 tonnes of paper annually to be exact. The Digital First campaign encouraged our car insurance customers to register for digital documentation. We went even further and teamed up with the charity Trees for Cities, so that every time a customer switched to digital documentation, a tree is planted in their name. During the campaign, 6,100 MORE TH>N customers made the switch, saving over 20,000 sheets of paper.

We are definitely making progress to reduce our emissions and meet our carbon reduction target. But we will always be looking to improve as we continue Making Things Better Together.