Smart Wheels Good Egg Workshops

Safer roads are good for our customers and good for our business. As a motor insurer, we are committed to exploring new ways to promote driver safety, especially amongst young people. In the UK, we have a particularly ready audience, with our More Th>n business insuring many young drivers through its innovative Sm>rt Wheels product. Backed by our Corporate Responsibility desire to build a more Safe, Secure World for everyone, during 2016 Sm>rt Wheels partnered with Good Egg Drivers to sponsor a series of free, interactive road safety workshops for 17 to 19 year olds.

The facts make for difficult reading. A 2016 survey by More Th>n found that over 68% of teenagers feel peer pressure when driving. This may have some bearing on why under-20s account for just 1.5% of UK licences – but are involved in 9% of serious, often fatal, crashes.

As insurers, we recognise that the increased risk for this group of drivers pushes up premiums. Sm>rt Wheels helps counteract both risk and price by using black box technology to provide information about driving habits and reward safe driving with affordable insurance. Telematics can reduce accidents by up to 20% and, to date, Sm>rt Wheels drivers have clocked up 500 million road miles.

So safe driving workshops for 17 to 19 year olds, sponsored by Sm>rt Wheels, seemed like the perfect match. Good Egg Drivers are improving the habits of young learners by providing free, classroom-based guidance in schools around the UK. Kicking off in Sunderland in June 2016, the workshops have since toured the nation, reaching over 500 students across 30 sessions.

Protecting our customers on the road is a commercial imperative for us and it is clear that passing your driving test is just the beginning of your driving journey. Wherever we are in the world, our teams will continue to work with partners who share our vision for safer roads in safer communities. Our collaboration with Good Egg Drivers is just another way that we are making things better together.


Nicola Schofield, Assistant Head of Sixth Form, Calderstones School: “The Good Egg Driver workshops were absolutely fantastic. They were informative, professional and extremely engaging. Our students have learnt things today that will, without a doubt, have a positive influence on their driving attitudes and behaviours in the future and promote safe and responsible driving among our students. I strongly believe that it is so important for all young people to have access to this type of information as it can save lives.