Recognising LGBTQ+ History Month

Perhaps it is just human nature to look for danger and negativity because often when we reflect on history we tend to remember the troubled times. Like any optimist would tell you in a cycle the good times always follow the bad, hard work pays off and the good guy always gets the girl (or boy 😉) at the end of the film. LGBTQ+ History month is no different and we observe the often-troubling reflections of the past, teamed with the victory or triumph which followed it. June 2022 marks 50 years of the Pride celebrations in the UK and it’s amazing to think of the accomplishments achieved in that time regarding shifts in political climates, rights won and the hearts and minds which have been changed by our loving community. At Building Pride, we want to think of this year’s LGBTQ+ History month like it is 5,10,50 years in the future and what actions it would take now to achieve those future ambitions. We would like to predict a future where we will look back on there being a cure for HIV and AIDS, marriage is legal in all countries for all people and same-sex couples have the same rights to IVF or starting a family as anyone else. The actions we take today impact tomorrow's horizon and we are proud to do our part in that global shift.

What have we got in store this month?


On Tuesday 1 March 2022 at 2 pm Building Pride are interviewing Matthew Hodson, executive director of NAM AIDS Map charity. Matthew is going to talk about his lived experiences, how he found himself in the middle of the Section 28 Protests and his thoughts on the future of medication, treatment and a cure for HIV and AIDS. There will also be an opportunity for you to ask some questions too. Book a ticket on Eventbrite of the interview with Matthew Hobson to add the event to your calendar – we’d love you all there.

We also have a Yammer campaign where we are celebrating iconic community members and allies who change perspectives, lives and the world with their talent, courage, and skills. Join in the conversation.   

What more can I do?


Educate yourself on the history of LGBTQ+, it’s important to appreciate how far we have come in the struggle for equality, to fully understand how far we have left to go. The great news is this year there’s a wealth of information right at your fingertips, both Sky TV and Netflix have dedicated catalogues - so grab a cuppa and immerse yourself in our history. There’s also lots of books and podcasts out there. Here are some of our Building Pride top recommendations:

  • TV: It’s A Sin
  • Movie: Pride
  • Book: The Black Flamingo by Dean Atta
  • Podcast: A Gay & Non-Gay by James Barr and Dan Hudson

At Building Pride, we have a selection of charities we work with that span across the UK helping LGBTQ+ people in our local communities – a small donation to one of our charities would go a long way.The Rainbow Foundation, NAM AIDS Map, Allsorts and AKT.

Moving forward we’d love your feedback, everything we do is to support you and our business please take 2 minutes of your time to complete our Building Pride survey.


Thank you for being our #rsa, #lgtbqhistorymonth