Putting a customer lens on 2019 so far

Here's an alternative look at RSA's performance at the half-way point of 2019

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Twice a year, RSA prepares an in-depth set of figures explaining how our company is performing financially. Read our financial results for the first half of 2019 here.

We think this is also a great opportunity to take stock of the amazing things our colleagues are doing to make customers' lives easier and safer. Here are eight highlights from seven months of customer focus...

A child's best friend

Johnson in the officejpg
Johnson the dog offering a helping paw

Dealing with the aftermath of a fire or flood is incredibly stressful for everyone in the family. So our colleagues at Johnson in Canada have started sending Johnson puppy soft toys along with a special message to any children in the family, as a way to show we're by their side as well as the grown ups'. Watch Johnson the dog in the most recent commercial here. (Johnson also makes an appearance in our CEO's video, see if you can spot him here).

Buoy oh buoy!

TryggHansa buoyjpg
For 65 years Trygg-Hansa has donated lifesaving equipment

Did you know that our colleagues at Trygg-Hansa are lifesavers? Literally. For 65 years, Trygg-Hansa has donated lifebuoys positioned at Swedish beaches, lakes and docks - today there are more than 80,000 of them. This vital sponsorship is estimated to save around 14 lives every year.


Helping young Irish drivers 123GO

123GOimage759x500 1png
For young drivers, telematics is as easy as 123GO

To encourage safer driving practices by young drivers, our colleagues at 123.ie launched 123GO. A 'black box' device (sometimes referred to as telematics) is installed in the driver's car to track factors like speed, braking and distance travelled. Consistently safer drivers will see their insurance premiums reduce automatically, making car ownership for new drivers more affordable. Read more here.


We're autism champions!

Autism Friendly photojpg
RSA Motability are proud to be autism aware

Just over one person in every 100 living in the UK has a form of autism. Our colleagues in RSA Motability wanted to learn more about what they could do to better understand and support customers living with Autism, so they contacted Autism Together to design and run an awareness course that, to date, 75 team members have completed. As a result, RSA Motability is very proud to be recognised as an autism-friendly business.


More bark for your buck

pit patjpg
Dogs on a diet: PitPat life tracks weight and exercise levels to help you earn cash rewards

Pet owners: you only want the best for your non-human pals, right? The launch of PitPat Life by MORE TH>N pet insurance meant that, for the first time in the UK, customers could sign up to receive an activity monitor to track their dog's weight and exercise levels. Dogs that regularly reach their daily exercise targets could earn up to £100 that they can put towards paying for their premiums.

World class website wows in UAE

RSA UAE have refreshed their website to make it easier for visitors to use

We know that signing up for insurance online can be a bit of a nuisance. So when our colleagues at RSA United Arab Emirates redesigned their motor insurance website, making it friendly, faster and easier for visitors was the priority. Just two months after its launch, the number of customers signing up online had gone up by 15%. Take a look at the new website here.


Cutting our carbon

Carbon reductionjpg
We've been cutting our carbon use to help climate change

Whether you celebrated or suffered July's record temperatures, you'd be hard pressed to miss the many climate change headlines. With COemissions the main contributor to global warming, we should all be trying to lessen the amount of carbon we produce. So we were particularly delighted to report that, as of 1 April 2019, 56% of our overall electricity supply in the UK was coming from renewable energy sources, with more reductions planned. Read more about what we're doing to run RSA sustainably and responsibly. 


Getting MORE TH>N you pay for

More than rewardsjpg

Paying your insurance premiums may not be up there in your list of favourite things to do, but the team at MORE TH>N have set up a new reward scheme to make it that little bit better. With MORE TH>N REW>RDS, you can earn cashback on everyday purchases to help pay for your insurance. Some people have even earned enough to pay off the full cost of their premium.