Managing stress is a collective endeavour

Listen to our latest podcast on how building up personal resilience in the workplace is everybody's responsibility

Most of us understand the importance of taking care of our physical health in order to perform at our best. You wouldn't try to run a marathon without doing some training first for example. Why then do we expect our minds to continue to cope under stress without any effort?

In today's 'on demand' world of work, we think it's more important than ever that employers promote a culture of care for employees. We want RSA to be a place where everyone feels safe to say when they are not coping well, without fear of being stigmatised or being seen as weak.

In our latest podcast, recorded to mark World Mental Health Day 2019, our participants share their own experiences of, and tips for, managing stress, as employees, colleagues and team leaders. 

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Ritu Malhotra, underwriting manager, said:

"To know what is uncharacteristic [of a colleague] you have to invest in relationships, in people, communication and being together. Some people do it naturally, and for others it's learned. It takes effort, but sometimes when I've felt my most depleted, I've actually been the most help to others. "

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Thank you to our participants...

  • Scott Egan, RSA UK and International CEO;
  • Maren Burrowes, diversity and inclusion lead (facilitator);
  • Jutta Tobias-Mortlock, Cranfield University;
  • Tony Bough, head of health and wellbeing;
  • Alex Hardy, sales and distribution director, RSA UK commercial; and
  • Ritu Malhotra, underwriting manager, RSA UK risk team.