Partnering with Trees for Cities

RSA is a large business. We write business in around 140 countries, so it is no surprise that we consume an awful lot of paper. 1,733 tonnes each year to be precise - accounting for 2.5% of our group carbon footprint.

Most of this paper is used when we send out insurance policy documents to our customers.

To reduce the impact on the environment that our paper usage is having, which is part of our target to reduce RSA's carbon footprint, our UK personal lines brand, MORE TH>N, launched a campaign called Digital First.

The aim of Digital First is to encourage MORE TH>N customers to register for digital rather than paper documentation. As well as reducing the paper we consume, opting for digital policy documentation will enable customers to manage their policies online.

MORE TH>N has also teamed up with Trees for Cities, a London based charity that aims to beautify cities and bring communities together through various tree planting initiatives, so that every time a car insurance customer switches to digital documentation, a tree will be planted in their name. MORE TH>N aims to plant a tree on behalf of the first 20,000 customers that go digital. The trees will be planted during the 2015-16 planting season, in UK city centres including Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool, London and Birmingham.

So far, 2,910 MORE TH>N customers have made the choice to switch, saving over 10,000 pieces of paper, reports Richard Boardman, RSA Customer Experience Manager.

“We are very pleased to be working with RSA Insurance to convince their MORE TH>N customers to go digital, helping them to have less hassle with having to file paper, free up space at their home and doing their bit for the environment through less trees being felled and helping us plant more trees in UK urban environments,” said Rory Field, Corporate Partnerships Manager at Trees for Cities.