Opening up about mental health

Being open to talking about mental health can help to break down the stigma surrounding it. We sat down with some of our mental health first aiders to discuss how just opening up can make a big difference

To mark Mental Health Awareness Week 2019, RSA mental health first aiders Lindsey, Alison, Margie and Tony got together with podcast host Paul, to share their experiences of supporting colleagues who are suffering with poor mental health in the workplace.

The resulting podcast covers why mental health is an issue that's so important to them, if or how the stigma around mental health is changing and the advice and tips they've picked up as mental health first aiders—including just going for a walk.

From left to right: Alison, Margie, Paul, Tony and Lindsey


Tony Bough, head of health, safety and wellbeing, said,

"I'm really pleased that we are talking about mental health. I'd be even happier if we were talking about mental fitness or emotional health because it's much more reflective of what mental health is. I think the more we talk, the closer to this we will get and the fitter we will all be for it."

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