Looking back on 2018

We asked some of our leaders what really stood out for them in 2018? Here’s what they said...

Investing in our people

The 2018 highlight for me was the fantastic conversations we’ve been having on our leadership values and how we can be more customer focussed.

Noelle Burke
HR director, RSA Ireland


I’m particularly proud of the leadership programme we launched in Scandinavia this year. It has been received tremendously well and is already driving improved engagement and performance. It’s also deliberately aligned with our business strategy, which I think is the most important thing.

Bitte Ferngren
HR director, RSA Scandinavia

Bitte Ferngren HR director, RSA Scandinavia

So we can build our capabilities…

For me the highlight of 2018 was seeing the organisation continue to invest in capability: IT, underwriting capability and leadership development. It’s this that is going to help us achieve our plans.

Jane Poole
Group financial controller, RSA Group


One of things I’m very proud of during the past 12 months has been our ability to evolve and build on the existing capability that we have throughout the Middle East. Skills-wise, we’re now flexing a different set of muscles that are enabling us to drive forward at pace with strategic projects. A digital end to end platform, increased pricing sophistication, claims workflow and our Core system replacement – all great examples of new capabilities driving results.

Chris Dooley 
CEO, RSA UAE and Bahrain


Chris Dooley, CEO RSA UAE and Bahrain

Deliver better for our customers…

The highlight for me was seeing the effort we’ve been putting into our dedicated partnerships (for example, with Motability, MGOs, schemes and deals) pay off in the form of affirmation from our customers and high net promotor scores (NPS). Focused, honest relationships drive profitability, and our targeted approach to deals and partnerships is adding real value for RSA.

Rob Gibbs
Commercial risk solutions managing director, RSA UK and International


Definitely the launch of our Customer Connections training for RSA Motability’s frontline handlers. It’s a bespoke training plan, designed to help our teams have effective and appropriate conversations with our vulnerable customers.

Cath Frost
Motability director, RSA UK and International


In Canada the biggest achievement of the year was winning the Scotia Bank deal. It was so important because it was a good external validation that a lot of the investments we’ve made, and the focus we’ve had, have made us better able to compete in our market.

Martin Thompson
President and CEO, RSA Canada


William McDonnell, Group Chief Risk Officer and Member of the RSA Group Executive Team
William McDonnell, Chief risk officer, RSA Group

And look after the future…

I’m very proud that a number of people in the risk team were promoted into other great roles in the business and other functions this year. I’m also delighted that we’ve been able to fill those roles with other great people, many also drawn from within RSA.

William McDonnell
Chief risk officer, RSA Group


Creating the new approach to corporate responsibility at RSA has to be my highlight, bringing together people from different regions to work on a common agenda and really collaborate to achieve a great strategy.

Laura Spiers
Group corporate responsibility and partnerships manager, RSA Group


Casper Wakefield, COO RSA Scandinavia
Casper Wakefield, COO RSA Scandinavia


[Our new leadership programme] speaks to our leaders about the need to keep setting up more collaboration to facilitate more productive conversations, the higher they go up in the company. I think that’s of huge value because to offer the best value to customers, we need to stitch our value chains and portfolios more tightly together.

Casper Wakefield
COO, RSA Scandinavia


My highlight for 2018 was the great work that has been done in the Region and across the Group on diversity and inclusion. I think we’ve seen some fantastic stuff this time which has really got people engaged. We should have more of it!

Aruma George
HR director, RSA Middle East


My 2018 highlight was seeing the Group board's commitment to staying in touch with the business in action. This year they travelled to sites in Canada and the UK, getting to know our people and customers better, including meeting our Johnson and Motability teams.

Chris Smyth
Deputy company secretary, RSA Group