Keeping Adults Safe In The Water In Sweden

Learning your limits in the water

If you know a middle-aged man in Sweden, ask them about Trygg-Hansa’s water safety campaigns. Maintaining a Safe, Secure World is such an integral part of our Corporate Responsibility strategy that our Swedish brand has been promoting safe practice in the water for years. Based on our estimated reach, there’s only a 1.2% chance anyone in our target group missed last year’s activities. We created the documentary film, Allemansvatten (Everyman’s water), to make men in midlife consider their genuine swimming ability. Running from May to September 2016, we reached 98.8% of 25 to 59-year-old males in Sweden, using TV and social media.

Having fun in and around the water is a particularly Swedish thing, playing as it does a key part in national summertime celebrations. But water also poses a risk to people of all ages – even those who believe themselves to be strong swimmers. Last year, 122 people in Sweden died from drowning. 100 of those were men, with alcohol and overconfidence in swimming ability presenting the two biggest risk factors.

We believe we can, and should, play a role in helping people mitigate risk. In 2015, Trygg-Hansa, in alliance with beer companies, synchronised swimmers, government bodies and lifeguards, ran our hugely successful Don’t Drink and Dive campaign, raising awareness of the dangers of drinking alcohol in and around water. That same summer, Sweden witnessed a 39% decrease in the number of drowned men compared to 2014.

Building on this momentum, Trygg-Hansa turned its attention to the other critical risk factor, launching Allemansvatten in 2016. Through TV advertisements and online films, the campaign demonstrated just how easily people overestimate their swimming abilities – sometimes with fatal consequences. During May to September, Allemansvatten reached almost all our target audience, resulting in an incredible two million downloads.

By focusing our awareness-raising activities on the two biggest risks and the most affected demographic, we believe we are making a difference to the way people in Sweden manage water safety. As part of our commitment to making things better together, we will keep finding engaging ways to make swimming and other activities safer for all.