Improving communication with investors

We're taking steps to be more transparent and accessible in the way we communicate with our investors and customers. Matt Hotson explains how and why.

In 2014, we set out on a multi-year journey to improve the way we communicate with investors.

So far, this has included simplifying the financial metrics we report on, introducing new disclosures around the level of insurance reserves and the nature of our defined benefit pension obligations and sharing more detail on the performance of each of our businesses.

Why have we done this?

We understand that investors need information beyond the headline financial metrics to make fully informed investment decisions. This is especially true in sectors like insurance which can be seen as complex and difficult to penetrate.

We are committed to improving the transparency of our business

We believe in the principle that our job is to present the facts and explain the underlying drivers of performance (either good or bad). Incomplete disclosure leads to surprises and often disappointment for investors.

In fact, we’re aiming to lead the insurance sector in the quality and transparency of our disclosure.

As I’ve already said, it’s very much a journey. There is more to do and we are continually seeking feedback from investors, both big and small, on the areas they would like to hear more about.

Improving access to information

We’re also addressing how we can make it easier and faster for investor to access the information they need. By the end of this year, RSA will launch a refreshed, corporate website that will present investor information in a variety of different media and formats, all optimised for mobile phones or tablets.

In the meantime, we continue to keep the investor relations section of our website up to date with information to help you find out more about RSA, including ways to contact us if your particular question isn’t answered.