Fire safety education for children in Sweden

Every year in Sweden, domestic fires cause approximately one hundred deaths. While the use of smoke detectors and fire alarms is generally widespread, people rarely carrying out fire drills at home. For families with young children, not having an evacuation plan is particularly worrying as young children may make unsafe choices like hiding under their beds or in a closet instead of finding a way out.

Most families in Sweden have child insurance - policies that protect children from illness or injury. Trygg-Hansa, our personal insurance brand in Sweden, insures every other child in the country. As such, child safety is of paramount importance to us. We want to make our customers and their families aware of the dangers of fire, providing them with tips and information on how to behave should the worst happen. That's why we created a fire drill video game. 

Eldracet (The Fire Game) is an educational tool in the form of a game in which the player has to safely escape a burning home. Throughout the gameplay, the importance of practicing fire drills and instructions on how to avoid common traps when evacuating a building are emphasised to the player.

With this fire safety game, we have been able to reach over 30,000 children, educating them on what to do in a fire.

Domestic fire deaths dropped 21% on the previous year after our ‘The Fire Race’ video game was released.