Driving under the influence: it’s not worth the risk

In the UK, one in four young drivers (23%) are involved in an accident within two years of passing their test. This year, during October's Road Safety week, our Corporate Responsibility Team teamed up with MORE TH>N to run various campaigns to help young drivers stay safe on the road

One of the activities involved creating a film about Jason Rock who is sharing his story to help warn young drivers of the devastating impact driving when under the influence of drink or drugs can have.

Nine years ago aged 19, Jason with his two friends left a party to go and buy more alcohol .The next thing Jason remembered was waking up in hospital to discover one friend had been killed in the road accident and the other had lost his leg. Jason received a five year sentence and served two and half years in prison.

Jason's story

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This film raises awareness of the consequences of driving when not in control.

Since then he has turned his life around and has spoken to over 40,000 teenagers about the impact this impulsive decision has had on his life, encouraging them to take a different path.

Jason's story was picked up in the national press and his message has helped to reinforce the dangers of drunk driving.