Apprenticeships: developing new ways to find and nurture talent

At RSA we’ve been working hard to open up more ways for people to start a career with us and we’re delighted to have been nominated for a 2019 School Leaver Award for our efforts

To build on the success of being nominated for a School Leaver Award, we’re looking to hire even more apprentices over the coming years. We’re looking at how we can offer new ways to bring in apprentices and raise awareness of the opportunities that exist at RSA, not just for school leavers and new hires but existing employees too.

The talent we have is ultimately what makes us who we are as a business. It is therefore crucial that we continue to find new ways to grow and nurture that talent in order to grow as a business.

Apprenticeships are a significant help for us when it comes to achieving these goals. However, there are several misconceptions surrounding apprenticeships that often prevent people from considering them as an option. Some think they are only for trade industries or young people, but the truth is that they are much broader than that.


At a time when tuition fees are climbing, apprenticeships are a good way to ensure that we’re open and accessible for people from different backgrounds, bringing an even greater variety of skills and experience to the business. They also offer a way for existing employees to gain new skills and qualifications to advance their careers.

As a result, apprentices are in high demand in the insurance industry. While insurance may not be the first job young people’s minds go to when thinking about what they want to do for their career, there are lots of opportunities and a wide variety of different roles that the sector has to offer, from robotics and marketing to underwriting and claims handling.

At RSA, we plan on recruiting more school leaver apprentices in the UK this year than any other year before. Our keenness to bring more young apprentices into the business and the support they’re provided with is what led to us being recently nominated for a 2019 School Leaver Award – an accreditation which is judged based on the feedback and opinions of school leaver apprentices themselves.


RSA employs around 5,000 people in the UK, and hiring the right talent to bring new skills and innovation to the company, while also inspiring and supporting existing employees in reaching their career ambitions, is hugely important to us.

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