Anyone can be an apprentice – I’ve been at RSA for 22 years!

I’ve worked at RSA for 22 years and I’m studying for a Chartered Institute of Procurement and & Supply qualification as part of the apprenticeship scheme at RSA.

I’ve always joked that I didn’t grow up with a burning desire to work in insurance. It doesn’t sound very glamorous does it? But during my time at RSA I’ve worked in many different areas including customer service, fraud detection,  project management and now procurement, legal and supply chain. No day is ever the same which is probably why I’ve worked in supply chain management for 10 years!

I’ve been surprised by how much I’ve learned

I’ve been doing my job for a long time, so I’ll admit that when I first started studying part of me did wonder what else there was to know about supply chain management, but I’ve been surprised by how much I’ve been able to learn.

Networking with people from different companies who are also studying for my course has meant that I’ve learned a lot about different roles in procurement. In my cohort I met buyers for big retail companies, people from construction companies, the NHS and Police – all who will use their qualification and apply it in different ways which is fascinating.

Before starting my studies, I’d always been interested in getting a formal qualification, but the need to balance study, cost and time while working in a full-time job always seemed to get in the way. That’s why I found that the apprenticeship scheme was ideal.

RSA support my qualification with funding from the national apprenticeship scheme which gives me the time within my working day to complete my studies. I’m enjoying the flexibility it gives me to do my job and further my career so much that I’ve even signed myself up for another one that I will start later in the year.

National Apprenticeship Week takes place 8-14th Feb, 2021.

Expanding my knowledge

Studying as an apprentice has given me an amazing opportunity to experience a much wider view of procurement that I might not have experienced had I not been a part of the scheme. I’ve gained insight in to so many different areas including public procurement, construction and commodity procurement – none of which I had any experience with previously.

Another surprising thing about my experience of being an apprentice was being nominated (and winning) SR Supply Chain Consultants apprentice of the year 2020 award. I never went into my studies to win any awards!!!

Anyone can be an apprentice!

People always seem to think that apprenticeships are for college leavers or for those at the start of their careers, and I’m here to tell you that is not the case! It’s a real opportunity for anyone regardless of your age, background or academic base.

It’s not an ‘easy’ route to a qualification either, and is a valid way of gaining formal training in a safe and supportive environment – whether you’re studying an area or subject you’re already familiar with or just starting out in.

RSA are taking part in National Apprenticeship Week 2021. Have a burning question about being an apprentice? Join our Twitter chat @RSAgroup using the hashtag #AskAnApprentice on Wednesday 10th February 12-2pm.

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RSA's #AskAnApprentice Twitter chat will take place on Wednesday 10th February, 12-2pm.