Storm and flood help

Faced with an impending flood or storm, or the devastation left behind, it's easy to feel helpless. While you can't change the weather, there are things you can do to limit the amount of damage inflicted on your home, possessions or business

On this page, you'll find advice and resources to help you prepare for or recover from a storm or flood.

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Flood help: practical advice to help you prepare and recover

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What starts happening behind the scenes when disaster strikes?

Help making a claim

If your home or business has been flooded or storm-damaged, your top priority is making sure that you and your family are safe. Then:

  • If you can do so without putting yourself in danger, switch off the gas, electricity and water supplies—this could help prevent further damage to the property;
  • If you've had to leave your home or business, make sure it is secure (all doors and windows closed and locked);
  • Report your circumstances to your insurance company as the first step in making a claim; Itemise all damaged property and items—take photos if you can; and
  • Do not throw anything away your insurer tells you to.

What to expect after you've made a claim

Every home and business is different and, as such, the process to get everything back to normal after a storm or flood also varies. However, there are a few stages that most post-flood recovery processes have in common, as this infographic shows:


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Is your insurance policy up to date?

We recommend that you check the details of your insurance policy twice a year—not just at renewal—to be sure it still covers everything you value. You should also speak to your insurer immediately about any building work or purchases worth more than £1000 to make sure they're covered by your existing policy.

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