Referral Vet Network Map

The RSA Referral Network combines quality pet care with excellent nationwide coverage

By using one of our quality referral vet practices you can help to control treatment costs and obtain more treatments within the limit of your pet insurance policy.

Your regular vet is still the first place to take your pet. But if your pet needs non-emergency treatment which your vet isn't able to provide, that’s when you'd access the Referral Network.

If you wish to use a referral vet who isn’t part of our network, you may need to pay £200 of the referral vet bill yourself, in addition to your policy excess. If your pet needs emergency treatment, you should go wherever your regular vet advises - you won't have to pay the additional £200 excess, regardless of which referral vet you visit.

How to use the RSA Referral Network map

  • Click on the + button to zoom into the map to look at a specific region.
  • Click on one of the ‘paw mark’ icons to view the contact details and specialisms for the network practice.


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