Shaping a smarter tomorrow

We believe we can play a powerful and practical role in helping our customers to avoid risks, using our insight, data and product development expertise to help keep them safer in their homes, on the roads and at work.

Why it matters

We can’t remove life’s uncertainties, but as experts in risk, we know there are many ways for people and businesses to protect the things they care about. As a leading insurer it’s our job to understand current and emerging risks, and we want to use this knowledge to have a positive impact.

We do this by using our products, services and partnerships to help people and businesses to learn about the risks they face, and to manage them more effectively.

Our approach

We want to use our skills and expertise to play a more active role in managing the uncertainties and complexities of today’s world. We’ll achieve this by developing products and services that meet our customers’ changing demands, and by introducing pioneering partnerships and campaigns that use what we know to help people manage risks and protect what they care about.

By making use of data, evolving technology, our insight and relationships, we can make smart solutions that really make a difference. Our teams work with our customers to support them to understand and mitigate emerging and ongoing risks.

From using telematics to help young drivers stay safe on the road, to using our risk engineering database, RSAred, to increase business customers’ awareness of risk, our products and services help raise awareness of risks and change behaviours.

We’re also developing innovative partnerships focused on issues like water safety, road safety and online safety, which increasingly play an important role in helping people become smarter and more confident in proactively managing their own risks.

Our businesses use their online and media platforms to share knowledge and expertise on issues ranging from online safety to using mobile phones while driving. Our safety campaigns range from improving knowledge of first aid for babies, to educating school children about the risks of right-turning lorries, and distributing reflectors to keep cyclists safe on the roads.