Safe, secure world

We believe we can play a powerful and practical role in helping our customers to avoid risks, using insight, data and our product development expertise to help keep them safer in their homes, on the roads and in their businesses.

The challenge

People face a wide range of risks in their daily lives, from preventable injuries and avoidable deaths in the home, on the roads and in public spaces, to the increasing challenge that cybersecurity presents to families and businesses.

Safe, secure world in action

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Our approach

Whether it is tackling road and water safety, supporting businesses to protect themselves and their customers, or addressing the developing and complex challenges of keeping our families safe online, we are using our expertise in many ways to help our customers avoid risks and stay safe.

We work closely with management teams across a range of customers to support them to understand and mitigate emerging and ongoing risks to their businesses, through interventions as well as insurance.

Our businesses use their online and media platforms to share knowledge and expertise on issues ranging from online safety to using mobile phones while driving. Our people also share their expertise and directly support others to mitigate risk through educational programmes and product distribution.

Our safety campaigns range from improving knowledge of first aid for babies, to educating school children about the risks of right-turning lorries, and distributing reflectors to keep cyclists safe on the roads.