Safe, secure world

Our products and services help make communities safer places to live, work and travel. Our road safety campaigns raise awareness of potential hazards to customers and colleagues alike. We issue high-visibility clothing and encourage safer driving, particularly among young drivers. Recently, we extended our efforts into other risks that connect our customers to our business, such as theft, fire and water safety.

Why is it important?

Household and personal motor insurance are among our bestselling products, so we have both a commercial and human interest in keeping people safe.

Our actions are guided by major safety concerns, including:

  • Roads – Each year, 1.24 million people die on our roads. That’s one person every 25 seconds. Another 50 million per year are injured;
  • Fire – In Sweden, 100 people a year die in domestic fires. Canada deals with around 8,000 wildfires every year and over 300 people died in a fire in the UK in 2014/15;
  • Water – 2014 saw 137 people drown in Sweden, the highest number for 12 years. 116 were men and 60% of those over 50 had alcohol in their blood.

How do we tackle the issue?

We work to protect millions of people around the world every day, helping them live safer, more secure lives.

From a shared strategic starting point, each operating country has the freedom to address the issues that are important to their community. The CR team plays a coordinating role, sharing examples of best practice and Group-wide case studies. We track progress through quarterly updates provided by each territory’s CR representatives and, every year, conduct a review to confirm our results.

In 2015 we ran road safety campaigns in 10 countries.

Our 'Don’t Drink and Dive' campaign in Sweden reached 250 million people in 2015.


This year, we are reporting our progress against our original targets set in 2013, as well as how we will achieve our new targets in the future.

Current target Progress
By 2018, all countries where RSA operates will be running at least one annual road safety campaign. On target

In 2015, due to our strategic refocus and the success of our disposal programme, we consolidated many of our offices. Despite this, we delivered road safety campaigns in 10 of our operating countries, raising awareness amongst our customers and employees of how to stay safe on the road.

Revising our targets

This year, we introduced new targets to make sure our CR targets reflect the size and strengths of our organisation.

New target Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
Run at least one safety campaign every year in each core region we operate in by 2018
  • The number of safety campaigns run each year in each core region.
  • The number of people reached by each campaign.

Plans to achieve our new target

From fire to water, we already deliver a range of safety campaigns to support our customers and people. We will focus on issues that are particularly relevant within our operational regions. In Sweden, for example, water safety is really important, so we will focus our campaigns on preventing accidents in and around water.

Future plans

We believe ensuring a Safe, Secure World requires coordinated action across our business coupled with localised knowledge and delivery. Each country we operate in faces particular community issues. Having reviewed what’s most relevant to our regional communities, we are planning a range of safety campaigns in 2016.

In the UK and Ireland, we will continue to focus on road safety and

Telematics is the use of technology to record data on how an object is being used in real-time. Examples include 'black boxes' in cars and mobile phone apps that can record how the car is being driven (its speed, location and fuel consumption); home monitoring devices; or collars that monitor a pet's activity.

. In Scandinavia, our efforts will centre on road and water safety. In Canada, we will deepen our awareness work with brokers, providing information and education about wildfires, tropical storms and hurricanes.

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