Our Suppliers

Responsible supply chain

Corporate responsibility for our supply chain is mandated within our Group Third Party Contracts Policy as our reputation and regulatory compliance rely on it.

Each operating country determines its supplier code of conduct which ensures they always meet local requirements.

In the UK, our Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) function, working alongside business managers and a centralised Strategic Sourcing, is responsible for engaging suppliers. Our SRM programme has been managing supplier relationships of high value or risk for over seven years.
We prioritise suppliers with robust environmental policies and encourage them to both minimise their environmental impact and be able to demonstrate it.

We aim to reduce the social and environmental costs of the products and services we buy. For example, by working with a new UK supplier, Magicman, instead of replacing damaged building features we have been able to carry out ‘invisible’ repairs, prolonging the life of baths, sinks, kitchen worktops, floor tiles and windows.