Our suppliers

We are committed to supporting our supply chain partners to adopt high standards of responsible business

We publish a slavery and human trafficking statement annually on our website, in line with government requirements. This sets out the actions we take to ensure responsible business practices across our supply chain.

Our third party contracts policy establishes controls to ensure responsible business throughout our supply chain, including through appropriate due diligence and standards for conduct. Our due diligence processes include questions to assess our suppliers’ positions on human rights, environmental and social issues, and we ask these questions of all high risk suppliers across the group. Our supplier code of conduct (PDF) sets out our expectations with regards to environmental, social and governance issues, we expect our suppliers to comply with this code.

We also aim to reduce the social, environmental and ethical costs of the products and services we buy while promoting and maintaining high standards of ethical conduct. For example, we work actively with suppliers to drive repair over replacement during the claims process.

Above all, we seek to partner with suppliers who uphold our high standards of conduct, providing safe working conditions, treating workers with dignity and respect, acting fairly and ethically and using environmentally responsible practices where practicable.