Our customers

Good business starts with our customers, so we strive to keep them at the heart of what we do through consistent support and excellent service

Responsible customer service

We are proactive, digitally enabled and provide tailored products that meet evolving customer requirements.

We employ industry-recognised tools and resources to listen to customers, gauge the quality of our service and relationships and make suggested improvements. In our UK commercial business, our Voice of the Customer programme has been recognised as a Customer Feedback Strategy Award finalist by customer experience body, the Institute of Customer Service. Our approach kept customer sentiment supportive throughout 2016 with retention across the Group around 80%.

We are committed to marketing our products responsibly. In the UK, we have a robust framework to ensure that promotional material, including financial promotions, are designed to achieve good outcomes for our customers and comply with relevant regulatory standards. Our launch process means every new product is reviewed by senior management in Legal and Compliance, Product and Customer, Technical Underwriting and Marketing & Communications. This makes certain that it meets our customer needs, is compliant and fit-for-purpose. In line with local regulatory requirements, similar processes exist in Scandinavia and Canada that ensure we consistently achieve good outcomes for our customers.

We are enhancing our customer capabilities with digital tools and improved service standards.  Our customers can now quickly and conveniently access many more of our processes online and our products and services are easier than ever to understand. We believe this focus will drive up customer satisfaction and retention while sharpening our acquisition capabilities—all core principles of sustainable business.

Access to insurance

At RSA, we strive to provide better value to all our customers. Our processes and controls ensure we provide positive outcomes at all stages of the customer journey. We recognise that some customers are more vulnerable than others and, as such, require a more tailored approach. We have equipped our staff to identify potentially vulnerable customers so that they can respond to their needs appropriately and sensitively. We continue to review the systems and processes underpinning this approach and have signed up to the ABI and BIBA Code of Good Practice that covers support for potentially vulnerable motor and household customers at renewal.

In the UK, our work with the Motability Scheme means we provide insurance to over 620,000 disabled customers with access to a lease vehicle, scooter or powered wheelchair. Our teams are trained to understand the loss of independence and mobility that being without a car can bring our disabled customers. Our customer satisfaction scores reflect our approach, including a Net Promoter Score of +76.

To support our Armed Forces, MORE TH>N and RSA are pleased to have signed up to the Armed Forces Covenant. This makes sure that when any Armed Forces’ customers are posted abroad they are not financially disadvantaged for any motor or home insurance products.

In 2016, our Codan business in Denmark celebrated a 20-year partnership with mental health charity LEV. Together, they have created bespoke Contents and Liability insurance for customers with specific disabilities.