Responsible business

Being a responsible business means being open and transparent with our customers, employees and suppliers about how we manage our operations and deliver our products. This helps us to build dialogue and trust, and to understand where and how we can improve

The challenge

Public trust in businesses remains low since the financial crisis and surges in globalisation and technological change. The way that a company treats its employees, customers, partners and suppliers is a key driver of trust and loyalty. As a £6.7 billion business, we know that the choices we make can have a lasting impact on the communities we work in, through the markets we influence and the example we set.

Our approach

We need to be adaptive to different needs and supportive of our customers and employees in times of change. That means being resilient, with the right people, products and processes in place to compete in our markets. At the same time, we want to ensure that we operate responsibly and sustainably, in a way that all our stakeholders can be proud of.

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