Managing the everyday well

We want to give people confidence that we’re running our business in the way they’d expect.

As a large international insurer, we’re committed to managing our operations in a responsible and transparent way.

In our rich 300-year history, we’ve remained diligent in our approach to responsible business practices. Building on these strong foundations, we want to strengthen our policy positions and further embed them into our everyday practices.

This means being responsible in our investment and underwriting practices, thoughtful in our choice of suppliers and partners, and mindful of our environmental impact.

We must also ensure we have robust practices in place to protect our own data and that of our customers, and govern our business with integrity.

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Find out how we're striving to achieve more to manage the everyday well.

Our focus areas


Responsible investment and underwriting

We consider environmental and ethical issues in our investment decisions and underwriting.

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Sustainable operations

We work hard to reduce the environmental impact of our operations.

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Responsible supply chain

Monitoring and managing the environmental and social impacts of our supply chain.

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Customer privacy and data security

It’s essential that our customers have confidence in us to protect their privacy and keep their data safe.

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Business integrity

We make sure we have the systems and processes in place to run an ethical business.

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