IFED ups the ante against opportunistic fraud with day of action

RSA Group


The Association of British Insurers (ABI) estimates that insurance fraud costs the industry around £1.3bn each year, so far from being a victim-less crime, 'opportunistic' insurance fraud actually carries a hefty cost

RSA works closely with the City of London Police's fraud unit, the IFED, to tackle fraud in all its forms to protect honest customers. For part of this month, IFED has been focusing specifically on 'opportunistic' insurance fraud, interviewing insurers to get their views. 

RSA's head of financial crime and counter fraud, John Beadle, comments: 

“Any form of insurance fraud, whether making up a fictitious claim, or exaggerating the loss or injury on a genuine claim is illegal and can result in serious consequences for those who might be tempted.
People should be aware that insurers, including RSA, take insurance fraud very seriously as it negatively impacts on our genuine customers and our ability to give them the best deal and service possible.
We are determined to tackle anyone who attempts such fraud and we work closely with the Insurance Fraud Enforcement Department and other insurers to bring these people to justice.”

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