RSA announces successful completion of 2017 capital actions

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Successful completion of 2017 capital actions further improve RSA Group’s capital quality, lower debt leverage, materially reducing interest costs

“We are pleased to announce the successful completion of RSA’s planned 2017 capital actions. These comprised the sale of UK Legacy liabilities announced in February, now complemented in March by the retirement of £592m high coupon existing debt capital, partly refinanced with a £300m targeted issuance of new Restricted Tier 1 Notes in Scandinavia.
“These actions have further improved the Group’s capital quality, lowered debt leverage, and will materially reduce interest costs.”

Scott Egan, RSA Group chief financial officer

On 27 March, the Group issued two floating rate Restricted Tier 1 (RT1) Notes of c.£300m in aggregate size and with a blended coupon of c.4.7%, as follows:

  • Swedish Krona 2,500m at 3 month Stibor +525bps (equivalent to c.4.8% coupon on issue)
  • Danish Krone 650m at 3 month Cibor +485bps (equivalent to c.4.6% coupon on issue)

Proceeds of this issuance will be on-lent within the Group to finance our Scandinavian business.

On 29 March, the Group also concluded a tender offer resulting in the following debt retirements:

  • Existing restricted tier 1 instrument with outstanding principal amount of £375m and coupon of 6.7% - £347m retired. The remaining £28m has a first call date of 12 July 2017.
  • Tier 2 instrument with outstanding principal amount of £300m and coupon of 9.4% - £245m retired. The remaining £55m has a first call date of 20 May 2019.

The Group will issue a first quarter trading update on 4 May 2017.


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