MORE TH>N creates world's first bus tour for dogs.

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World's first city bus tour for dogs (and their owners) arrives comes to London

  • Created by MORE TH>N DOGGYSSENTI>LS, the tour bus route centres on points of interest in London that have a historical connection to canines, and disembarking points at some of the city’s most famous dog-walking hotspots.
  • The free service opens up to everyman and his dog on 17, 18 and 19 January 2017, with three different departure times each day. Tickets can be reserved at

London has a tour bus for everyone. From typical open-top sightseeing tours to afternoon tea and cake buses. But the one thing they all have in common? They’re for humans.

But that's all about to change with the launch of the world’s first ever city bus tour designed for dogs.

All aboard MORE TH>N's K9 City Bus Tour for Dogs. Exterior shot of canine passengers on a customised London bus. Copyright RSA
A customised London Routemaster (K9 of course!) will take dogs and their owners on a whistle-stop tour of city locations with strong canine connections.

Whistle-stop tour

The MORE TH>N DOGGYESSENTIALS bus tour invites owners and their dogs to experience a whistle-stop sightseeing experience of London like no other.

The carefully crafted bus route sees dogs taken to some of London’s best parks and city centre dog walking spots, including Hyde Park, Kensington Palace Gardens and Green Park. Along the way, live onboard commentary for dog owners lifts the lid on London’s rich canine history, including the ministerial dogs of Downing Street, the many corgis that have shared Buckingham Palace with the Queen and the location of London’s only dog cemetery.

The route itself centres on a number of London’s most scenic dog-walking hotspots, including Hyde Park and Green Park, for owners to disembark the bus and take their pooch for a stroll if they choose. Guests will also be provided with a handy leaflet mapping dog-friendly pubs, bars and restaurants in the area, where owner and dog can refuel together post-walk.

Over the course of the hour-long route, the customised London Routemaster, aptly numbered the K9, will also drive past an array of points of interest with a connection to dogs in the city, with expert insight provided throughout by the onboard.

Doggy passengers on MORE TH>N's K9 London Bus Tour - the world's first bus tour for dogs. Copyright RSA
MORE TH>N created the bus tour to launch DOGGYSSENTI>LS—a service that delivers items essential to a happy and healthy dog to your door every month.

So rather than run-of-the-mill information that usually comes with London bus tours, like what year the Tower of London was built or how many times Big Ben strikes in a year, instead as you drive past Downing Street, you might hear:

“Chancellor Phillip Hammond’s Welsh Terrier, Rex, and Daschund, Oscar, were recently pictured posing outside No. 11 for the annual Christmas card. Some have interpreted the frosty relationship between Mr Hammond's dogs and famed longstanding No. 10 resident Larry the Cat as symbolic of the Chancellor’s own relationship with the current Prime Minister.”

Or as the bus whistles past Buckingham Palace you might be informed:

“Queen Elizabeth II has owned more than 30 corgis during her reign and currently has one named Willow. Three of her Corgis even made an appearance when James Bond (portrayed by Daniel Craig) arrived at Buckingham Palace to escort the Queen to London 2012 opening ceremony.”

Paw-nts of interest

1. Victoria Tower Garden: Site of the Annual Parliament Dog Show

2. Houses of Parliament: The Home of UK Canine Legislature

3. Buckingham Palace: Corgis Are A Monarch’s Best Friend

4. Hyde Park: London’s Most Famous Dog Walking Hotspot

5. Kensington Palace & Gardens: A New Breed of Royal Canine Obsession

6. The Kennel Club: Europe’s Largest Collection of Dog Paintings

7. The Kennel Club: Europe’s Largest Collection of Dog Paintings

Disembarking points

1. Hyde Park Corner

2. Hyde Park Place

3. Kensington Palace Green

4.Green Park

The bus tour has been created by MORE TH>N to launch its new DOGGYSSENTI>LS service—a total pet care and protection offering that provides all the essential items for a happy and healthy dog, delivered direct to your door each month. Membership comes with pet insurance from MORE TH>N and an innovative activity monitor that tracks a dog’s exercise levels and activity.

Every dog owner joining the bus tour will receive a travel-size version of the MORE TH>N DOGGYSSENTI>LS box, containing treats and dog walking balls.

DOGGYSSENTI>LS is a subscription service that delivers all the essential items for a happy and healthy dog direct to the door each month, including pet insurance from MORE TH>N and an activity monitor.


“London is a city famed for its fascinating history and rich culture, much of which man’s best friend has been heavily involved in. The K9 Bus Tour aims to celebrate this often underappreciated fact, while also providing owners with a fun and unique way to spend time entertaining their beloved pet.
“Every month with MORE TH>N DOGGYSSENTI>LS, we deliver the right amount of quality food, dental chews, preventative tick & flea treatments, accessories & not forgetting insurance. Above and beyond this, we want to provide owners with some fun and inspirational ways to use these items. The tour bus for dogs sets out to do just this, encouraging owners to get out there with their dogs and make the most of the items in their monthly box to ensure their dogs are always as happy and healthy as possible.”

All aboard!

Beginning and ending at Lambeth Bridge, the MORE TH>N K9 Bus Tour will run three times a day (departing at 10am, 12pm and 2pm) on 17–19 January 2017. To reserve a space for you and your dog, go to


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