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MORE TH>N Smart Wheels partners with Good Egg Drivers to improve teens' driving safety

  • 17-24 year old drivers are involved in a quarter of ALL collisions and more than 7 are killed or seriously injured EVERY day in UK; and
  • Telematics black boxes can reduce accidents by 20%.


Telematics is the use of technology to record data on how an object is being used in real-time. Examples include 'black boxes' in cars and mobile phone apps that can record how the car is being driven (its speed, location and fuel consumption); home monitoring devices; or collars that monitor a pet's activity.

provider, MORE TH>N SM>RT WHEELS, has partnered with leading road safety initiative Good Egg Drivers to help improve driving safety amongst young people learning to drive.  

MORE TH>N SM>RT WHEELS, part of the RSA Insurance Group, is sponsoring a series of interactive workshops by Good Egg Drivers that enable schools across the UK to offer free safety guidance to students learning to drive.

Good Egg Drivers has helped thousands of young people understand and combat the risks they face when both learning to drive and during their first year of driving. Good Egg Drivers are endorsed by RoadSafe, Road Safety GB, BRAKE and the London Road Safety Council.

Interactive workshops for learner drivers in UK schools

The interactive sessions include guidance on the importance of car control from racing driver, Christie Doran who explains the differences between the track and real roads, through to the vital importance of how to choose the right driving instructor.

Also included are films on ways to spot someone who is driving under the influence of drugs and what really happens in a collision when a passenger doesn’t wear a seat belt.

The workshops provide students with potentially life-saving coping strategies when they feel unsafe in a car and how to get out of it without losing face.

“Peer pressure is one of the biggest causes of accidents as inexperienced drivers are encouraged by their friends to drive faster and beyond their driving skill level. We hear repeatedly from our SM>RT WHEELS customers that their black box gives them the excuse to resist peer pressure as they will not receive their cash back if their driving scores deteriorate and this is an acceptable excuse in their friend’s eyes.”

Kenny Leitch, global telematics director, RSA

Incentivising good driving habits from the outset

Telematics black boxes monitor driving behaviours that influence the likelihood of a crash and a driver’s propensity to exhibit these behaviours. By incentivising drivers to think about every mile they drive, the in-car monitoring technology can reduce accidents up to 20% and improves road safety in one of the most vulnerable groups: inexperienced drivers.

Since its foundation Good Egg Drivers has taught over 2,500 students. 

As a parent, I want to help keep my son and daughters as safe as possible. As any parent will attest; concern for their welfare doesn’t end when they reach adulthood. Yet, despite working in road safety for many years, I was alarmed at how little I knew when my own son started learning to drive and, worse still, how little he knew about vital elements such as instructor selection.
“Sixty six drivers and their passengers aged between 17-24 are killed or seriously injured every week. This is a national tragedy that must be tackled. We developed the Good Egg Drivers workshop with leading educationalists and transport psychologists to help tackle this issue head on. Feedback from students and teaching staff alike has been excellent and now thanks to MORE TH>N’s support we can offer this to schools and colleges for free.”

Jan James, CEO, Good Egg Drivers

Contacts for interested schools

The first series of MORE TH>N Good Egg Drivers sessions will be held at schools and colleges across the UK launching on June 16 at St Robert of Newminster, Sunderland. Any head teacher, governor of head of the PTA who wants to offer these classes for free at their schools can contact Alex Cannon at for more information.


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