Annual report and accounts 2018

We are seeking to transform RSA with the ambition of best-in-class performance in all our markets

As the world evolves, so do the needs of those we serve, and we must respond with an agile yet resilient business that always strives to do better. Read our 2018 Annual Report and Accounts (PDF) for details on how we're making things better together. 

Martin Scicluna, RSA Group chairman, seated. Taken from the RSA annual report and accounts 2017. Credit Igor Emerich

Martin Scicluna


"Importantly, RSA's strategy is the right one... We have continued to show growth in our most profitable areas, set in train actions to address areas of persistent underwriting challenge, and maintained a strong balance sheet."

Stephen Hester, RSA Group chief executive, seated. Taken from the RSA annual report and accounts 2017. Credit Igor Emerich

Stephen Hester

Group Chief Executive

"In the face of some disappointments in 2018, we have taken decisive actions to improve performance and we expect a good recovery in 2019."

Strategic priorities

Focused on our customers

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"We are committed to treating customers fairly. As well as strengthening the voice of the customer in our decision-making and we are improving retention and sales efficiency by investing in digital."

Disciplined, expert underwriting

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"We are confident that we are taking the right actions: we are improving underwriting, pricing accuracy, and risk management in areas where sustained profitability can be achieved."

Managing our cost base efficiently

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"We have achieved the Group target of >£450m savings a year early and are now moving cost efficiency into 'business as usual' mode."