Friends and Family Hotline

The RSA Friends & Family Hotline is available to our employees’ loved ones in the event of an emergency at one or more of our UK sites – supporting them when they need us most.

Our helpline staff will in a sensitive and compassionate manner, be there to help them through difficult times displaying; empathy, compassion, confidentiality and professionalism whilst:

  1. Receiving any incoming calls from your family members or concerned friends.
  2. Making any outgoing calls to your friends and / or your family members affected by the incident.
  3. Trying to contact any employees we deem to be missing or unaccounted for.  
  4. Ensuring your friends and/or your family members are given timely information

Call us on 0800 107 1188

If you’re concerned and would like to talk to one of our team for more information during an incident, please call our freephone number on: 0800 107 1188*

*Please note this number is only live in the event of an incident at one or more of our UK sites.

If the lines are busy please hold, your call is important to us, and the next available agent will answer your call. In the event of an incident we're here. 

Operating hours

Monday to Friday - 8am to 8pm

Saturday - 9am to 5pm

Sunday -  9am to 4pm.

We're open on bank holidays too but for shorter hours.