Family friendly employer

RSA supports and invests in our people; offering them a fulfilling career and enabling them to bring their very best selves to work every day

Our people strategy, Your Best U, articulates our people principles and aspiration to create an inclusive organisational culture. We have family friendly policies that enable our people to make the right choices and to have the flexibility they need to balance home and work life.


Flexible return to work

We encourage flexible working for both parents to enable them to manage their work life balance.


Emergency back up care

Parents are offered suitable childcare, adult and eldercare when their usual care arrangements break down at the last minute. This is currently being trialled with our management group.


Employee Assistance Programme

We provide a library of online resources including information on becoming a parent, childcare, legal matters, older relatives and balancing work and family.

Our policies

For our UK employees:

  • We offer full pay for the first 18 weeks of maternity and adoption leave. The mother, or adoptive parent, needs to have 12 months continuous service by the 15th week before the due date.
  • We also offer two weeks full paternity pay for fathers/partners, with a six month qualifying period.
  • We don’t put pressure on our employees to return to work, should their circumstances change. This means we do not ask employees to pay back any maternity pay, if they decide not to return.
  • Sometimes parents need extra flexibility to look after a child or simply spend more time with them. Each parent is entitled to up to 18 weeks unpaid parental leave for each child. Up to four weeks leave can be taken for each child in any one year up to their 18th birthday.

We are committed to being a family friendly employer and will continue to review our approach as we strive to helping support our people achieve a positive work life balance.