Vision and strategy

RSA is a leading international general insurer operating in three core regions: UK and Ireland, Canada and Scandinavia.

We’re also one of the world’s longest standing general insurers. Founded in 1710, we’ve been protecting customers from risk and uncertainty for more than 305 years.


Our business is built around our customers. By focusing on their needs we challenge ourselves to achieve more.

Stephen Hester Group Chief Executive, RSA

As the world evolves and changes, so do our customers’ needs. New risks and opportunities emerge all the time so we’re committed to constantly innovating and improving to serve our customers well and win in our chosen markets.

Focused. Stronger. Better.

We laid out a new strategy and ‘turnaround’ action plan for RSA in early 2014 that centred on three things:

  1. to serve customers well;
  2. to operate with strong finances; and
  3. to build strong sustainable performance, making RSA the best investment proposition we can achieve.

We made excellent progress in 2015, as reported in our full year results, further strengthening our customer franchises and investing in our future.

Whilst our 2015 performance represents significant progress from 2013 to 2014, we target deeper performance improvements over the next few years to take our business toward best-in-class.

Martin Scicluna Chairman, RSA

We have updated our targets and will continue to do so. Our strategic priorities for 2016 and beyond remain unchanged. Our ambition is simply to be better.

Better value for customers

Better for our customers means providing consistent support, first-class service and products that represent excellent value for money. We are focusing on being proactive and digitally enabled and providing tailored products that meet evolving customer requirements.

Better value for employees

For employees we are simplifying processes and upgrading tools to make it easier to get things done. We are maintaining our focus on developing our people across our businesses and we are committed to rewarding and recognising our employees appropriately for the work they do. Find out more about working at RSA.

Better value for society and the environment

We seek to make a positive impact on both our economy and society. There are four pillar to our Corporate Responsibility programme: to be a responsible business; to help to create a safe world; to contribute to thriving communities; and to help secure a sustainable future. Go to our ‘Responsibility’ page for more information.

Better value for shareholders

Our strategy is designed to maximise value for shareholders. We have simplified the business. We are also investing in the future and streamlining the cost base to build the foundations for attractive shareholder returns. Go to our Investor relations page for more information about company performance.

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